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  1. Compliance With The Rti Act Has Improved In Sri Lanka, Proactive Disclosure Has Significant Room For Improvement
  2. RTI Commission Directs Parliament To Respond On Request Seeking Info On MP’s Assets Declarations
  3. RTI used to trace Disappearances
  4. RTI Com. takes note of Vedda chief’s advice
  5. RTI Act discussed with public authorities in Colombo and Provinces
  6. RTI Act discussed with public authorities in Colombo and Provinces
  7. Govt. struggling to cope up with RTI process three years after enactment of law Prez Secretariat, etc. faulted for negligence
  8. RTI indicates how many public officials among Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) are under investigation or have indictments filed against them by the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption?
  9. Wastage & Corruption Minimised due to RTI
  10. RTI Commission and Human Rights Commission acclaimed as the 'gold standard' by Speaker
  11. RTI resets the power imbalance between the State and individual citizens
  12. RTI helps open doors to an auditorium for the people of Galnewa
  13. Lack of public transport prompts the use of RTI
  14. RTI helps get details of Nochchiyagama bi-road construction delay
  15. TISL uses Right to Information to find out how costly SLAF chopper rides are paid for
  16. Dialog files action against TRC (The Sunday Times)
  17. SL to mark International Right to information Day (
  18. RI Commission says public sector needs to be more committed to releasing information
  19. Petitions against more than 35 per class at Royal via illegal admissions
  20. RTI Guiding Manual launched with UNDP assistance
  21. RTI Act- driving accountability through improved access to information


07.07.2019 - 07.09.2019
06.03.2019 - 06.07.2019

  1. Right to Information: What can we learn from Sri Lanka’s experience?
  2. Prez SMS ‘greetings’ on Jan 1, April 14, 2019: Civil Society wants to know cost
  3. RTIC orders release of report on contract to build Akuregoda Defence Headquarters
  4. Financial irregularities: Cabinet to release report on Akuregoda complex
  5. Major Victory For RTI; Cabinet Of Ministers Release The Akuregoda Defence Headquarters Report
  6. Chinese 'debt-diplomacy' is drowning Sri Lanka's economy and environment
  7. CIABOC goes after sprats, not sharks – RTI finds
  8. Rs. 2.3b to maintain CIABOC, but only one case involving more than Rs. 10m filed in court
  9. RTI Unearths 230 Complaints Against Quack ‘Islamic’ Judges
  10. RTI reveals membership fees collected by plantation workers unions from their members - Ceylon Workers Congress, Lanka Jathika Estate Workers Union, National Union of Workers, data from April 2016 to March 2017
  11. Sinhalization of the North-East:PULMOADDAI
  12. Challenging a Culture of Secrecy
  13. RTI reveals annual trade union membership fees collected from plantation workers
  14. TISL warns Sri Lanka over controversy surrounding oil refinery
  15. TISL warns govt against further tarnishing country’s image $3.85 bn refinery project
  16. Sri Lanka military tries to evade responsibility for captured Tamil rebels
  17. CA to hear appeal against RTI Com. order on PM’s assets declaration
  18. TISL reminds MPs to declare their assets and liabilities
  19. BASL President requests copy of ACSA
  20. Polonnaruwa residents turn to RTI over non-completion of highway
  21. Athuraliye Rathana Thero files RTI to UGC to get details of 'Shariah University'
  22. RTI request reveals NCDM only met 13 times since inception
  23. GL files RTI on legal advice sought about President’s term
  24. Prez Secy’s appeal against RIOC order to reveal PM’s asset declaration on May 6
  25. Court of Appeal to hear first RTI case
  26. CA to take up Presidential Secretariat appeal on Monday
  27. President’s appeal against releasing PM’s Asset Declaration in Court today
  28. Shangri-La suicide bomber obtains scrap ammunition from Gvt for years protected by 'powerful' Minister
  29. GMOA opposes special status for Sharia Uni, uses RTI law to expose project
  30. The Ministry of Finance issued directives in 2018 which empowers it to monitor how the government is progressing on its 2018 budget promises. But is the #MOF doing its job?
  31. RTI request asks for details of those facing death penalty
  32. RTI Commission Directs Release Of Conviction Dates And Case Numbers Of Prisoners On Death Row


07/07/2018 - 06/08/2018

1. RTI application discloses zero returns from EPF funds

2. Woes of Sri Lanka's Archaeology Dept emerge from RTI

Articles on Info divulged on salaries of top SriLankan officials by order of RTI Commission

3. SriLankan’s million plus salary details out following pilots’ RTI petition

4. SriLankan Airlines’ Trade Unions Protest Following RTI Release Of Salary Details Of CEO And Others

5. Trouble brewing at SriLankan airlines due to CEO’s high salaries

6. Top salaries of SriLankan publicised on RTIC order

7. Military propagandists targeting Sri Lanka's HRCSL and RTIC

8. RTI Commission directs SriLanka Army to give Info on civilian ventures including Hotels and Canteens maintained in the N/E

9. PUMS goes to RTI Commission over SAITM issue

10. Divisional, District Secretariat websites being upgraded in conformity with RTI Act

Articles on Sri Lanka military collects intelligence reports on Journalists, RTI appeal reveals

11. Sri Lanka military collects intelligence reports on Journalists, RTI appeal reveals

12. Sri Lankan Army admits to holding military intelligence report on Tamil journalist

13. National Audit Bill passed despite concerns over shutting out RTI

Articles on RTI appeal filed asking info regarding sexual abuse claims by Sri Lankan army officers employed as Haiti peacekeepers

14. Press Statement: Haiti: More than a decade and still hiding

15. UN assures Sri Lanka will address issue over peacekeeping contingents

16. Sri Lanka military caught red handed while misleading public inquiry

17. RTI Update of the website of the Vavuniya Divisional Secretariat

18. Joint Opposition seeks info on Moragahakanda project under RTI

19. RTI Info from ERD reveals China's Legendary Loans to Sri Lanka

20. The Role of the Public Sector in Promoting Economic Growth in Sri Lanka

21. LBO Opinion: Ratwatte was 'underpaid' as CEO of SriLankan!

22. Controversy at National Archives over COI reports after RTIC inquiry finds Ashraff report missing

23. RTI reveals info on Loss-Making Hambantota Port

24. RTI unearths Post-Mortem reports into killings of Jaffna students

25. Sri Lankan government rehabilitates over 12,000 LTTEs


01/06/2018 - 01/07/2018

1. RTI Commission wants Draft Laws to be Released

2. RTI Commission orders SriLankan to disclose VIP salaries

3. RTI reveals USD 8.2 billion loans from China during the past 12 years

4. Trade Unions speak about regarding RTI disclosures on loans and SriLankan mismanagement

5. Right to Information appeal could access Bond Commission report

6. Interview with Nikhil Dey

7. President requests UK to deport LankaEnews editor; RTI reveals Presidential letter to TRCSL as reason for banning website

8. Lakvijaya’s Unit 1 under-powered from 2015

9. AG gives green light to release annexure to T-Bond Report following RTI request

10. Interview with Indian RTI activist and lawyer, Nikhil Dey

11. T-Bonds Report; Activate RTI

12. Conservation land released for development projects, RTI response shows

13. UNP frontliner, Joint Opposition and corruption activists call for bond scam report under RTI

14. President's Sec ask AG's opinion on releasing PCOI report under RTI

15. Did President’s Sec. take everyone for a ride by sealing PCoI report in archives?

16. RTI sought against the National Archives for Bond Scam Commission (COI) Report

17. National Archives say embargo on COI reports

18. National Archives reiterate that public access to COI reports can be permitted only through written permission of the President's Secretary

Articles on the Statement of RTI Commission on Audit Bill

19. RTI Commission concerned about ‘chilling effect’ of general prohibitions

20. Grave Impact of Audit Bill, RTIC warns

21. Important not to Dilute Har-Won RTI Victories

22. Right to Information Commission has its say on proposed Audit Bill

23. RTI commission opposed to certain clauses

24. RTIC criticizes Audit Bill

25. RTI Commission raises concerns over clause in Audit Bill

26. Sri Lanka’s Right To Information Commission expresses it concerns on proposed Audit Bill

27. RTI Commission raises concerns over clause in Audit Bill

28. Right to Information Commission Expresses Concern Over Clause 9 of Proposed Audit Bill Seeking to Prevent RTIC Access to Audit Reports

29. A ‘chilling effect’ may be created on RTI by proposed Audit Bill - RTI Commn. Says


Recent Decisions in Appeal (2023)

Cases filed in the Magistrate Court under Section 39 of the Right to Information Act No. 12 of 2016

Release of Information in Public Interest Appeals/Substantive Documents (SELECTED), 2023


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E-mail addresses use for sending notices to Appellant and Public Authorities

Recent Decisions in Appeal (2022)


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Global Information Commissioners Meet in Manila, June 2023 - RTI Commissioner Kishali Pinto-Jayawardena speaks at plenary sessions

Ongoing In-Person Hearings