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RTICAppeal/96/2017 - Mohamed Aboobucker Mohamed Zulficar Aboobucker

RTICAppeal/83/2017 - Mr. Walisundera

RTICAppeal/68/2017 - R.P. Janarath

RTICAppeal/67/2017 - Vineetha Abeywickrema

RTICAppeal/29/2017 - Mr. G. SamanPriyantha

Information requested is not specified in the initial information request and in appeal to the Designated Officer.

RTICAppeal/153/2017 - Mr. Kohomban

RTICAppeal/149/2017 - K. K. Dharmasena v. Ministry of Health

RTICAppeal/129/2017 - R.G.S.R. Rajapaksha

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