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RTI Commission appoints senior public servant Piyathissa Ranasinghe as Director General

Mr. Piyathissa Ranasinghe, former Chief Secretary of the Sabaragamuwa Province has served as Senior Consultant to the Minister in charge of Media with regard to the implementation of the RTI Act. He has been engaged in training Information Officers and building up an island wide network for the implementation of the RTI regime and has also been closely associated with the RTI Commission in developing Regulations as stipulated in the RTI Act. He entered the Sri Lanka Administrative Service in 1973 and worked with many Ministries both at National and Provincial level. These included the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication, the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Public Service Commission, Provincial Ministry of Education – Sabaragamuwa, Ministry of Industries, and the Ministry of Housing and Construction among others. He is also a long time member of the University Council of the Sabaragamuwa University.

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