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Consultation on Record Management and Section 7 Directives of the Commission

On the 8th of August, 2017, the RTI Commission held a Consultation on drafting Directives on Record Management under Section 7 of the RTI Act. Participants at the Consultation included members of the Commission, the legal consultants and researchers attached to the Commission and representatives from the National Archives, Establishments Division of the Ministry of Public Administration, Pensions Department, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Media, the Registrar General’s Department and the Judicial Service Commission.

It was determined to establish a sub-committee of key agencies in collaboration with the National Archives to take forward the task of drafting record management directives as mandated by the Act.


Consultation of the RTI Commission, held on 30/06/2017 with senior public officials and representatives of independent commissions.

consultation on draft proactive 1 consultation on draft proactive 1
consultation on draft proactive 1 consultation on draft proactive 1
consultation on draft proactive 1  

Forthcoming - Public Consultation of the RTI Commission on Draft Guidances on Pro-active Disclosure (Sections 8 and 9) and Report Formats of Public Authorities (Section 10) of the RTI Act, No 12 of 2016 (Date - TBC)

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